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Subject Angel & Faith Lehane (Buffy the Vampire Slayer & Angel)
Approved on 06th June 2011
Last Updated on 02nd April 2018
13 fans, 0 pending
Peanut Butter
Subject Charlie Pace & Claire Littleton (Lost)
Approved on 20th October 2004
Adopted on 24th November 2011 from Justine
Last Updated on 02nd April 2018
654 fans, 0 pending
Blood & Beer
Subject Damon Salvatore & Alaric Saltzman (The Vampire Diaries)
Approved on 29th May 2010
Adopted on 9th June 2014 from Red
Last Updated on 02nd April 2018
33 fans, 0 pending
Taciturn Love
Subject Daniel 'Oz' Osbourne & Willow Rosenberg (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)
Approved on 30th July 2011
Last Updated on 17th March 2018
29 fans, 0 pending
Meant to Be
Subject Lexie Grey and Mark Sloan
Approved on 01st May 2015
Last Updated on 02nd April 2018
7 fans, 0 pending

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