About the Collective

chosen is just your typical fanlisting collective. It is run by me, Courtney from cordy.nu. It has been open since July 2014 although I've had a collective since August 2010.

The main domain, cordy.nu, is my domain and fansite collective. I have a few subdomains, including this one.

A Little History...

My first collective, Adoration, was hosted on my personal site as a subdomain. Along with all the fanlistings I owned, this just seemed like a lot of stuff packed together in one place. I decided it was time for me to branch out and own more than one domain at a time!

I started looking around for cheap places to host a site... But all the "professional" ones that claim to be cheap really aren't! And they all offered a lot more space than I knew I needed. So I really didn't want to pay over $100 a year for space I wasn't going to use! I knew Georgina had a hosting website so I decided to check it out. She offered free hosting (with the purchase of a domain) and the amount of space was just right for me! Since fanlistings don't take up that much space, I decided to apply for hosting with her.

Thankfully, she agreed to host me! I was super impressed with how helpful and quick she has been with helping me set up the site XD I would definitely recommend Floriental Hosting to anyone looking for a new host!

The name i-adore didn't really have any special meaning to me. I wanted something similar to Adoration, which was my previous collective's name. I also wanted something pretty short and easy to remember. Keeping in mind, something along the lines of "love" "like" "favorites" etc. i-adore.net came pretty easy as it is very similar to "adoration" and you can say "I adore ______." Add any of the fanlistings I own/have joined and it worked perfectly!

After being hosted with Georgina for a while, her host started having some problems with downtime and I got scared that I might lose my sites. So, my good friend Chrisie said she'd host me, so I moved over there. Then, in November 2011, I decided I wanted to move my fanlistings from i-adore to heartme.net

Well, in May 2012, I realized that heartme.net was expiring soon and I honestly, didn't really like the domain name. It was kinda cute, but I didn't really want to keep it as my fanlisting collective. So, I decided to move to chosen.nu where I stayed for quite awhile. In May 2014, chosen.nu was expiring soon and I wanted to consolidate all my separate domains into one main domain, which is when I decided to purchase cordy.nu and put all my sites on subdomains. I intend to stay here for a long long time!

All fanlistings listed on this site are approved by TFL.org and are also listed in their directory.