Claire Littleton

Claire was raised in Sydney by her mother, Carole, who told her that her father had died. When she is a teenager, she and her mother are involved in a car accident which leaves Carole in a coma. Christian Shephard pays for Carole's medical care and reveals himself as Claire's father. When he suggests that Claire turn off her mother's life support, she is angry and leaves without learning his name. Years later, Claire becomes pregnant by her then-boyfriend, Thomas. He convinces her to keep the baby but leaves her a few months later. Claire considers giving the child up for adoption. She then visits a psychic, Richard Malkin, who insists she raise the child herself, because "danger surrounds this baby." Scared by his vehemence, Claire says she plans to have the baby adopted. Before signing the papers, Claire asks the prospective adoptive parents if they know the song "Catch a Falling Star", a lullaby her father sang to her when she was younger. The woman confirms she knows the song and agrees to Claire's request to sing it to the baby. Satisfied, Claire begins to sign her name but the pen runs out of ink; the lawyer hands her another and it too fails to work. Before she tries a third pen, Claire changes her mind and leaves the room. She visits Malkin a second time, and he tells her about a couple living in Los Angeles who are interested in adopting her baby. He gives Claire a ticket for Oceanic Flight 815, which is to leave the next day, insisting it has to be that flight — and that flight only — that she must take. Weeks later, Claire believes Malkin foresaw the plane crash, meaning she would have to raise her child herself.

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