I believe I first met Monika when she took over as the Episodes category staffer at The Fanlistings Network. As a trouble checker, I receieved emails about trouble checks, and that was pretty much our relationship until this summer she randomly emailed me asking some questions about some fansites that I own. We began talking a lot back and forth and realized we had a lot in common and eventually opened up our own fansite together, on British actor Dominic Monaghan. Not sure why, but I always thought of the staffers at TFL as "scary" and hadn't really talked to many of them if I didn't have to. (This is not true, obviously!) I found Monika to be an absolute sweetheart, very kind and a great person, which is why I decided to start a fanlisting for her, and also where the title comes from :)

If you want to find out more about Monika, try visiting her blog or fanlisting collective!